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Block making machine


The cement block machine produced by SUMU, uses ore powder, sand, stone and cement, and can add a large number of industrial wastes such as fly ash, furnace slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramsite and perlite. These raw materials can be used to produce ecological permeable bricks, colored pavement bricks, blocks, standard bricks, porous bricks, curbstones, lawn bricks, airport and wharf bricks, etc. The products produced have the advantages of good quality, low cost and not easy to be weathered.


1. The computer PLC central control system is adopted, and the flow, pressure and other technical parameters of each action are set through the touch screen to achieve ideal human-computer dialogue.

2. The using of four bar guide and long guide bearing ensures the accurate movement of the indenter and mould. The moving parts are equipped with special devices, which are easy to lubricate and not easy to wear.

3. High strength structural steel and special welding technology are used for the main frame to ensure the rigidity and shock resistance of the equipment.

4. The lifting frame of the fabric machine is controlled by the hydraulic system, and the fabric bucket is connected with the lifting frame through the rubber spring, which has the effect of shock absorption and can prevent the residual material from vibrating. The material door controls the opening and closing of the hopper to achieve uniform distribution.

5. Adopt the separated coupling vibration technology to expand the effective vibration area, improve the product quality and output, and effectively extend the mold life; The vibration box adopts suspension structure, which can withstand severe vibration without damage and fracture.

6. Quickly change the mould,can produce cement products of different specifications and shapes, such as pavement bricks, curb stones, hollow bricks, standard bricks, grass planting bricks, and slope protection bricks. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. With fabric device, it can produce colored road tiles and other products.




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