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AAC equipment

Aerated block equipment is a porous concrete product made of cement, lime, slag, sand, fly ash, air entraining agent, bubble stabilizer and regulator as the main raw materials through grinding, metering and batching, mixing and pouring, air entraining expansion, static stop, cutting, autoclaved curing, finished product processing and other processes.

It is mainly applicable to the external wall filling and internal wall partition of frame structure and cast-in-place concrete structure buildings, as well as the external wall or thermal insulation composite wall of multi-storey buildings with anti-seismic ring beam structure, as well as the thermal insulation and heat insulation of building roofs. Compared with traditional clay bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks can save land resources, improve the thermal insulation effect of building walls, and improve the energy-saving effect of buildings. Therefore, vigorously developing and applying autoclaved aerated concrete block products can achieve good economic and social benefits, and have broad prospects for development. Aerated concrete block is a new type of wall material that can save energy, soil and waste. It has the advantages of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, sawing, planing, nailing, simple construction, can increase the use area of buildings, and is widely used in civil and public buildings.

Production process of AAC production line from SUMU:

1. Raw material processing and storage: SUMU automatic aerated brick production line avoids dust, noise, solid waste and other problems through reasonable planning of raw material storage area and improving raw material processing methods, so as to create a comfortable working environment for workers.

2. Metering and batching pouring: slurry, cement, gypsum and aluminum powder are metered by corresponding automatic weighing scales, and then mixed at high speed in the mixer. After pouring to the mold box, bubble carding is carried out. The whole system is automatically controlled by the PLC system to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

3. Static stop and cutting: The stable static stop control mode can prevent the damage to the internal structure during the process of the product cake's gas expansion. At the same time, in the six side cutting scheme provided by SUMU, the efficient and smooth cutting machine and the bottom peeling turnover device are the core equipment.

4. Steam curing and finished product treatment: after autoclave, the aerated brick will obtain the final strength and performance. The newly developed plate breaking and packaging system has greatly improved the product qualification rate of the products after being out of autoclave.


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