Non-standard customization

Classification: Non-standard customization



Non-standard customization

SUMU’s non-standard equipment is customized according to the specific needs of users. Our technicians have many years of experience in non-standard automation design, mechanical design and electrical automation control system design. At the same time, our engineers and technicians can carry out mechanical and electrical automation upgrades on the customer's old equipment to help customers improve equipment capacity and automation to meet market demand.

     Our main non-standard equipment and equipment transformation scope: autoclaved aerated concrete block equipment customization, special block machine customization, environmental protection machinery, AAC production line transformation, CLC production line transformation, block machine production line transformation, clay brick machine production line transformation, automatic feeding equipment, stretching robots, stamping robots, finished product packaging and handling equipment, etc., they are mainly used to replace manual production, which is safe and save labor costs.
     In short, any production process that can be done manually can be done by machinery; any production process that cannot be done manually can be done mechanically.


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